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Any organization you want to pay, accept payments or invite others to join must be listed in your Passions tab.

If you accepted an invite from someone when you registered for PayMobile then the organization you were invited to join should automatically be listed in your “Passions” tab. You will want to use your Passions list to keep track of organizations that you do business with (Join) or volunteer for (Volunteer) or put in your favorites (Favorite). Organizations listed in your passions tab are the ones you can do business with. If you cannot find a business you are looking for you can invite them to Join PayMobile.

To setup your Passions list you will add an organization by touching the “+” from the “Passions” tab. Enter the name of the organization you are searching for and once you find it, select “Join” if you want to connect with that organization to make payments and get deals. Select “Volunteer” if you want to begin accepting payments for that organization. Not all business will allow you to “Volunteer” that feature is primarily used for non-profit organizations. Some business will allow “Volunteers” but the acceptance may require approval by the company before the feature is activated.