Take A Payment

Corduro PayMobile is all about mobile payments, mobile wallet, credit card processing, mobile credit card swipe.

How to accept a payment using PayMobile.

Two ways to accept a payment.

  • Manager / Owner – accept a payment for a business you manage or own.
  • Volunteer / Agent – accept a payment for an organization you are helping. Cannot process voids or refunds.

Manager / Owner

Accept a payment for a business you manage or own.

Fully functional including viewing history, member profiles, processing voids and refunds.
Touch Merchant and then the name of your business.

Touch “Accept”

Volunteer / Agent

Accept a payment for a favorite organization.

Functionality limited to accepting cash, check, credit and debit cards.
Touch Favorites or Passions and select the organization you want to help out.

Touch “Accept”


PayMobile lets customers sign for charges on your phone’s screen using their finger. Getting a signature is optional. The charge has already been processed. But a signature can help verify that the customer was present and approved the charge, in case of a later chargeback.


After you process a transaction, you will be asked to enter the customer’s email address and/or mobile number to send an email or text message receipt. Fill in the desired fields and touch “Send”. If you don’t want to send a receipt, touch “Done”. To send receipts for past transactions, go to “Merchant” then “History”. Open the charge, then touch “Send Receipt”.

Low Signal

If you are in a low signal area or have inconsistent service, you may need to move to a better spot. The application will time out for security reasons after a few minutes. If you lose your connection during a payment, try to continue where you left off or check to see if the payer has received an email confirmation. You may also want to check “History” before re-entering the transaction to make sure you don’t generate a duplicate entry.