Corduro PayMobile is all about mobile payments, mobile wallet, credit card processing, mobile credit card swipe.


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Enterprise Integration

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Payments and new loyal customers.

Swipe their card from your phone. 

  • Secure Card Reader

    We’ll mail you a card reader to plug into your mobile device. Order extras for your staff and volunteers.

  • Cash, Check or Charge

    Record cash, checks or hand key cards. Give everyone an email receipt and build your community.

  • History, Voids and Refunds

    A history of every transaction is right on your phone so you can send duplicate receipts or process voids and refunds.

  • Direct Deposits

    Funds are deposited directly into your merchant account – it’s your money. Don’t have a merchant account? Get a free one.


Build your community.

  • Easy Setup

    Everyone using PayMobile can do business with anyone else! Sign up to begin accepting payments within minutes, and watch your community grow.

  • Members at your fingertips

    View, Invite and make Instant Offers to your members and their network. Never have a slow day again. Manage all aspects of your membership within the app.

  • Lifetime Loyalty

    Reward loyal members who promote your business to their friends. Create contests, coupons, discounts and recognition programs that inspire your audience to take action. You can share PayMobile Invites with everyone in your community and extend your reach into their communities.

Let your customers pay you with their phone.

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Your customers can send you money at the touch of a button. PayMobile Pay lets them pay an invoice, order or payment straight from their phone in seconds.

PayMobile Check Out lets your customers buy taxable goods or services, leave tips, and more from their phone. They get an electronic receipt and you get an electronic confirmation – it’s that simple.

Let your customers generate new business for you by connecting to their friends and networks. Customers can send PayMobile Invites for your business to their entire network instantly from their phone.

Form a loyal relationship.

Connect your data.

Any existing relationship data you may already share with your customers is easily integrated into the PayMobile experience through merchant-specific settings. This information is passed along automatically with each payment. Members can also share data with you that may be important to your receiving their payment, such as:

    • Account or Customer Number
    • Employee ID
    • Member ID, User ID
    • Drivers License, Passport Number
    • Apartment Number
    • Patient ID
    • Student ID
    • Chapter ID and more

Leverage our CRM.

All the information you need to manage customer accounts is available to you in the PayMobile CRM. Track transactions, manage members, create campaigns, and access your merchant account information online anytime. We can also integrate the CRM into your existing customer management platform to enhance your back office infrastructure without changing your current systems.

    • Back office integration
    • Data exports in XML, CSV, fixed, PDF and other data formats
    • Dynamic data updates to your repository via web services
    • SFTP, FTP, email and others upon request

Integrate customer information with your CRM.

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Safe & Secure

All of your customer information is stored safe and secure along side the PCI compliant payment information.


Customer information is customizable in the PayMobile app so that you are tracking the information that is important to your organization.

Easy to integrate

There are several ways to get the information you need into your CRM system that you already know and trust. If you don’t have a CRM use ours.