Corduro PayMobile is all about mobile payments, mobile wallet, credit card processing, mobile credit card swipe.

We’re looking for partners.

It takes a village to build community.

Wallet Providers

If you offer stored value accounts or are an issuer, we can wire your account into the PayMobile wallet. Let’s talk.

SaaS Providers

We can help you avoid the headaches of PCI compliance and streamline the issuing merchant accounts. We already do it for some of the biggest names in the industry – behind the scenes – so your brand is up front.

CRM Providers

Let’s share member data and put it on your platform in real-time. We can deliver big data feeds in a variety of ways. Corduro is an enterprise platform you can leverage for your customers. Learn more.

Shopping Carts

The combination of shopping cart providers and payment gateways is overwhelming. We can help you with that. Our gateway integrates with about 8 different processors, so you get 8 for 1 when you connect with us. See our list of supported processors below.

Gateway Providers

Instantly offer your customers access to the PayMobile community. Get your processor supported by Corduro. Our Gateway connects to other gateways around the globe.

List of Supported Processors

  • CMDI
  • CyberSource
  • Sage
  • Elavon
  • TSYS
  • PRI
  • Paymentech – Tampa
  • Paymentech – Salem  *
  • First Data *
  • Moneris *
  • Worldpay *


* Coming Soon