Corduro PayMobile is all about mobile payments, mobile wallet, credit card processing, mobile credit card swipe.

Incredible pricing.

Corduro saves you money and helps you expand your business, we offer pricing options to match your business needs.

Retail Nonprofit Gateway
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PayMobile / Register Swipe 0.70%  1.00% 0.10%
PayMobile / Register Hand Key 0.70%  1.00% 0.10%
Online Payment / Shop 0.70%  1.00% 0.10%
PayNow Gateway $10 / Month $10 / Month $20 / month
Transaction Fees $0.10 $0.10 $0.25
Merchant Account Fees cost¹ cost¹ N/A
Least cost routing  √
Terminal Support5
Events Module Free Free  $10 / month
Text-to-Pay or Text-to-Give sms8 sms8  sms8
Engage Free Free  $10 / month
CIM / CRM Free Free  $10 / month

Competitive Comparison (Estimated)

Corduro Square PayPal Intuit
Swipe Rate  2.5%  2.75%  2.7%  2.7%
Hand Key Rate  2.9%  3.5% + $0.15  3.5% + $0.15  3.7%
Online Rate  2.9%  no support  2.9% + $0.30  2.93% + $0.30
Gateway Monthly Fee  $10  no support  $30.00  $12.95
CIM / CRM  $0  no support  no support  no support
Direct Deposits

Deposits are made directly into your banking account and don’t sit around waiting for you to get them.


(1) Cost is defined as interchange, dues and assessments, brand usage fees as assessed by the card issuers, authorization, switching, AVS, capture, settlement, batch and international surcharges as applicable.
(2) Limited to US bank accounts, you can add electronic checks to your account, costs can be as low as .30 cents per transaction.
(3) International surcharges will be applied to all pricing plans as assessed and applicable.
(4) International Account holders and Gateway only account holders can use PayMobile and PayNow Gateway solutions, we will connect your merchant account to our platform via your current gateway provider, WorldPay, CyberSource, or others as needed to ensure your success.
(5) We recognize that your current POS or business process may require the use of a traditional payment terminal, to ensure your success we support those as well, be assured that we will be looking at ways for you to jettison those bricks so you can take advantage of community and your social network.
(6) Participation with American Express is optional, if you participate, AMEX will deposit directly to your bank account, in addition to the interchange and processing fees due AMEX, for non-cost based programs you will pay an additional $0.25 cents per transaction to accept AMEX.
(7) Cost is the fee charged by your merchant provider. Corduro charges $0.25 to route the payment to your merchant provider.