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Mike O'Halloran

Owner / Partner

Seamless, Real Time Inventory

"Cycle counting and total inventory became a snap! Items brought into the system appear on the website and can be searched and purchased right away."

Custom, Flexible Reports

"During Inventory counting, reports can be audited and the non-audited items can be removed easily insuring a consistently clean inventory and a seamless inventory process. Best of all, the reports are tailor-made to each particular store’s needs."

Instant Invoicing

"This facilitates up to the second price checks with relevant average numbers, percentages and purchasing decisions can be made at the point of intake."

Unbeatable Processing Fees

"The processing fees for credit cards are insanely low which add nicely to our bottom line!"

Unique Customer Experience

"Corduro's unique interface allows us to better know and serve our customers while at the same time collecting important info like phone numbers and email addresses. Many times a customer will forget what wine they purchased; but we will conveniently be able to remind them of their choices."

Omnichannel Integration

"We received a beautifully integrated point of sale which allows us to take many forms of payment quickly and easily. Alongside our powerful in-store solution, we also received a custom online store that is directly integrated with our physical location's inventory."

Excellent Support

"Expert Help/Tech Support in correcting all changes as they occur within the software updating process."

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