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Payment Tags

Pass custom tags, like “student id” or “department,” with other XML data into the payment stream to preserve key information for your organization. Payment tags become an integral part of the transaction and are stored permanently with the transaction data.

  • Unlimited types

  • Unlimited number

  • Persistent transaction data

System of Record

Corduro gives you a big data warehouse that acts as a system of record for all your transaction, business process and member information.

  • Data mapping and linkage

  • Bi-directional data sync available

  • Analytics

Integration & Distribution

Get all the information you need in and out of your existing back office infrastructure without having to change your existing operation.

  • Back office integration

  • Data exports in XML, CSV, fixed, PDF and other data forms

  • Dynamic data updates to your repository via web services

  • SFTP, FTP, email and others upon request


  • Admin and user roles

  • Access Logging

  • Automatic lockouts

  • Application control panel

  • Master account management

  • LDAP or OAUTH support available.


  • All reports for payments and business solutions included

  • Electronic distribution support

  • Custom reporting available upon request

Support Services

Implementing enterprise solutions always requires some planning and forethought. We know you’re going to have questions at times and we are here to answer them. We are the payment solution for many great online services and have the knowledge you need to make your project go off smoothly.

  • Free consultation

  • Free support

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