Virtual Terminal

A powerful and secure payment processing platform.

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Accessible through Dashboard >

Secure credit card, debit card and eCheck acceptance

A single web-based hub to process, manage and report your payments

Insightful reporting

Access every report from just one place, no matter where you took the payment

Simple, Intuitive Interface

Navigate quickly and easily with our straightforward dashboard interface

Payment Scheduling

Schedule a single future-dated payment or a series of recurring payments

Manage your payments

Search, void, reverse, and refund payments at your own convenience

How does it work?


Easy Login

Simply log in to the Virtual Terminal by entering your Corduro Account ID and password. Administrators can customize and manage individual user permissions easily from inside the dashboard.


Setup & Process

Processing is a snap. Enter one-time transactions, schedule recurring payments and even attempt to re-collect returned items.


Comprehensive Reporting

Cloud -based reporting allows you to access a comprehensive suite of clear and insightful reports whenever you need them, from any device with internet access. That's real-time intelligence.



Feel confident and assured. Our Virtual Terminal is designed with multiple layers of security, including features like encryption, address (AVS) verification and card (CVV) validation.

Go further with our Virtual Terminal


For easy eCommerce, integrate our powerful and intelligent online solution into your website for payments that stay right on your page. Designed to work seamlessly with our Virtual Terminal for instant reporting and secure payment management, Corduro Shop is the perfect solution for online credit card and eCheck acceptance.

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Payment Tokenization

Keep your customers' payment information secure and eliminate the risk, liability and costs of storing the information yourself. Tokenization replaces sensitive payment data with a random and insignificant value, so information is kept safe and secure during transactions. Just ask for it, and it's yours.

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